Thrown to the Wolves —1 out of 6 published

Includes: At the Alpha’s Mercy

Moonlight Initiation — Complete!

Includes: Hazing Moon, Tempting Moon, Haunting Moon, Mating Moon

Bound & Broken — 2 out of ? published (Tentatively planning on 5+ stories)

Includes: Bound & Broken, In Cruel Hands

The Billionaire’s Pleasure — 2 out of 5 published – On Hiatus

Includes: The Billionaire’s Prize, The Billionaire’s Playroom, The Billionaire’s Pursuit

Sparks (Hyperion) — 1 out of 3 published

Includes: Sparks, Blackout

Vampire Doms — Complete!

Includes: Serving Vampires, Shared by Vampires, Entertaining Vampires

West Coast Werewolves — Complete!

Includes: Howling With Pleasure, Alpha Seduction, Howls of Desire

Carolina Werewolves — Complete!

Includes: Dreaming of the Wolf, Taken by the Alpha, Swimming With the Alpha

Ranch Hand Romance — Complete!

Includes: Ranch Hand Romance, Ranch Hand Romance 2

The Tentacle Breeding Program — Complete!

Includes: The Tentacle Breeding Program, The Tentacle Breeding Program 2

Screaming for Her Step-Brother — Complete!

Includes: Screaming for Her Step-Brother, Screaming for Her Step-Brother 2, Screaming for Her Step-Brother 3, Screaming for Her Step-Brother 4

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