End of the Line

End of the Line

The world’s ending, and Julian probably shouldn’t waste time lusting after his best friend. Turns out the apocalypse has a way of rearranging a guy’s priorities, though, and all he can think about is Cory—gorgeous, strong, Cory, who’s straight, just like Julian. Or is he? With the tension crackling between … Continue reading

Mating Moon

Mating Moon Large

The werewolves who disrupted life in Raven Hill may have left town, but Christian and Logan are still reeling. Logan’s inability to protect the man he cares about makes him consider giving up his humanity, while Christian, who doesn’t believe in fate, conceals the revelation that they might be soulmates. … Continue reading

Moonlight Initiation

Moonlight Initiation Box Set Large

This 103,000 word collection contains all four stories in the Moonlight Initiation series: Hazing Moon, Tempting Moon, Haunting Moon, and Mating Moon. Meet Logan, a college sophomore who discovers his new fraternity is more than it seems, and Christian, the reluctant werewolf who discovers Logan is exactly what he needs. … Continue reading

In Cruel Hands

Bound and Broken 2 Large

Forced to choose between serving Dane Soldano or going to prison, Sullivan Pierce chose Dane. Unfortunately, Dane’s idea of service involves getting Sully worked up and sharing him with other men. No longer able to deny his attraction to the man, Sully nonetheless searches for a way to gain the … Continue reading

Haunting Moon

Haunting Moon Large

Christian and Logan might be good in bed, but their tentative friends with benefits arrangement has both of them questioning what they want and how they feel. To make matters worse, a werewolf with connections to Christian’s past comes to Raven Hill, looking for her missing sister and seemingly determined … Continue reading