Capturing the Roman

Capturing the RomanCaius Aurelius, a brave but inexperienced Roman soldier, meets his match when a lusty Pict captures him in the wilds of Caledonia. Unsure of his fate, Caius is prepared to endure horrific pain rather than betray the Legion. What he doesn’t know is that the Pict’s intentions have nothing to do with torture–and everything to do with pleasure. The barbarian demands nothing less than Caius’s complete submission, and to his shock, Caius can’t help but respond. What will he do when he’s enslaved and touched by a man for the first time?

Warning: For adults only! This 6400 word short story contains explicit descriptions of anal sex, dominance and submission, frottage, knife play, reluctant submission, spanking, and a young Roman fighting his attraction to a sexy Pict!

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