Not a Chance and At the Alpha’s Command Update

As you might already know, I cancelled the pre-orders for Not a Chance and At the Alpha’s Command on Amazon. I’m not thrilled with this, and I’m sure none of you are either. Ultimately, though, the drafts I delivered to Amazon didn’t meet my standards, so I had a choice: give readers something subpar, or cancel the pre-orders since I’m only allowed to delay the release once and I used that up last month. I chose the latter option.

Am I still working on the stories? Yes, absolutely. In fact, I should have both of them up this next week. Please, please bear with me. I’m working hard to make sure these stories are the best I can make them, and I think you’ll enjoy the results. Check back soon! Next time you hear from me, I’ll have some new release announcements up. :)

If you have any more questions, or you just want to chat, email me at

Not Like the Rest

Not Like the RestPaul believes in fairy tales: true love, happy endings, and the soulmate that, as a werewolf, he knows is out there somewhere. He’s spent years fantasizing about the woman who will be his mate, but what he gets instead is a straight guy named Jesse who apparently wants nothing to do with him. All Paul wants is a chance…if he can get over his own gay crisis first.

Jesse’s thought about experimenting once or twice–hasn’t everyone?–but that’s it. The last thing Jesse needs is for Alpha Kappa Tau’s newest pledge to upset his carefully constructed web of denial, or for his position as Pledgemaster to throw them together at every turn. All he wants to do is keep running until life gets back to normal…if it ever does.

But maybe, just maybe, normal sucks. And maybe, just maybe, he likes Paul more than he’s willing to admit.

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End of the Line

End of the Line blueThe world’s ending, and Julian probably shouldn’t waste time lusting after his best friend. Turns out the apocalypse has a way of rearranging a guy’s priorities, though, and all he can think about is Cory—gorgeous, strong, Cory, who’s straight, just like Julian. Or is he? With the tension crackling between them, Julian doesn’t know what to think.

When the two of them are stranded on the West Coast with the world-changing Blight right behind them, Julian starts wondering about missed opportunities and first times. If one night is all they have, he’s determined to make it count. Of course, that only works if he can manage to figure out how he feels–and if Cory can do the same, before they lose their chance forever.

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Mating Moon

Mating Moon LargeThe werewolves who disrupted life in Raven Hill may have left town, but Christian and Logan are still reeling. Logan’s inability to protect the man he cares about makes him consider giving up his humanity, while Christian, who doesn’t believe in fate, conceals the revelation that they might be soulmates.

If they’re ever going to make their relationship permanent, they’ll have to deal with the secrets they’ve been keeping as well as their own insecurities–not to mention the woman from Christian’s past who refuses to let him go.

Warning! For Adults only. This 50,000 word short erotic novel contains explicit descriptions of semi-public sex, blowjobs, gay sex, anal sex, frottage, rimming, makeshift gags, soulbonding, and knotting.

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Moonlight Initiation

Moonlight Initiation Box Set LargeThis 103,000 word collection contains all four stories in the Moonlight Initiation series: Hazing Moon, Tempting Moon, Haunting Moon, and Mating Moon. Meet Logan, a college sophomore who discovers his new fraternity is more than it seems, and Christian, the reluctant werewolf who discovers Logan is exactly what he needs.

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